Apologies for the delay in getting September’s results out but it has been a busy few weeks. 20 of you took part in September’s event with some great performances and improvements. 10 runners nailed their best performance so far – well done to fudge Farrar (6.86%), Matt Lightfoot (5.71%), Soph Barnard (3.67%), Peter Lowther (3.45%), Fay Sutton (3.36%), Mark Elden (2.41%), Oliver Gilbert (2.16%), Jack Sutton (1.01%) Tony Morley (0.72%) and Nick Goodge (0.23%). This doesn’t change the top 2 overall with Martyn Woodgate (9.5%) and Potty (8.26%) still leading the pack. fudge’s performance does see her slip into third place though.
The next event will be December and we have some (hopefully) exciting plans for the year’s finale so watch this space!
See the results so far below:
Race Yourself results - September 2022