September 2022

20 of you took part in September’s event with some great performances and improvements. 10 runners nailed their best performance so far – well done to fudge Farrar (6.86%), Matt Lightfoot (5.71%), Soph Barnard (3.67%), Peter Lowther (3.45%), Fay Sutton (3.36%), Mark Elden (2.41%), Oliver Gilbert (2.16%), Jack Sutton (1.01%) Tony Morley (0.72%) and Nick Goodge (0.23%). This doesn’t change the top 2 overall with Martyn Woodgate (9.5%) and Potty (8.26%) still leading the pack. fudge’s performance does see her slip into third place though.
The next event will be December and we have some (hopefully) exciting plans for the year’s finale so watch this space!
See the results so far below:
Race Yourself results - September 2022

Final Results 2022

Over the course of 2022 (and a little bit of 2023 due to weather) 50 Black Dogs took part in one of our quarterly 5k Race Yourself time trials (including Lowestoft Parkrun on 7th Jan). As a reminder Race Yourself is a club challenge designed to recognise individual improvement over 5k. Anyone can win! More details can be found on the Race Yourself homepage.

25 Black Dogs took part in more than one of the quarterly time trials, as the challenge is about overall improvement the final results show these runners only. 18 managed to improve on their baseline time which is a fantastic achievement when considering injuries, life in general and the weather – our June TT was particularly challenging for opposite reasons to the December one!! For those that didn’t manage an improvement, maximum kudos from me for putting yourself out there to be tested and taking part, which should be equally applauded for the determination and dedication that it shows.

Unsurprisingly the weather didn’t help results for the final time trial and the the top three runners remained unchanged from September so a massive congratulations to our top three challenge finishers:

  • 1st Place – Martyn Woodgate – a massive 9.5% improvement
  • 2nd Place – Potty – 8.26%
  • 3rd Place – fudge Farrar – 6.86%

There will be awards and prizes for the winners to be presented in the near future.

Some other notable mentions in the results…

Soph Barnard was not only the only runner to clock an improvement in December, she also managed an improvement in every time trial.

Showing their dedication and completing all four events along with Soph, were fudge Farrar, Nigel Gilham, Richard Midwinter, Rachel Hirst, Gus Riley and Peter Lowther. I’m crowning them the “Race Yourself All 4 Club 2022″.

I hope those that took part enjoyed the challenge. Race Yourself will be back in 2023, I’m just finalising the format so stay tuned!

– Byron, Club Captain