2023 Results

Q3 Results

Unbelievably another 3 months have passed and it is time to one again, look at how Race Yourself is shaping up.  I have included times from the Norfolk Gazelles Big Stampede as it was 1st October and there were some fantastic performances to wait a whole 3 months to include.

Speaking of juniors it was an unbelievable quarter for them with Lily Aldous absolutely smashing her way into the top spot with a 23.2% improvement over the year so far.  The question is can anyone beat her?  Dinah Foster remains in 2nd place overall with 14.9%, and a new entry at number 3, and another junior, Ashley Hernandez also with 14.9%, must be 0.01s of % between the two.

Our top improvers from Q2 and Q3 are Lily Aldous (13.6%), Robbie James (7.8%), Nick Roper (7.1%), Max Jackman (7.1%) and Byron McGill (6.5%).

As well as Ashley, we also welcome to the competition; Nicky Galwey-Woolston, Tom Dutton, Sam Tetley-Berry, Harpreet Thandi, Andy Larkin, Sam Hernandez, Jack Sutton, Mandy Moore, Rhys Edmonds, Michael Cook, Bethany Studd, Julian Sutton, John Baslington, Ciara Strike, Ollie Aldous, Teresa Penfield, Mike Beard, Vix Wagg, Garrick Fox, Nic Wells and Simone Heywood.

The Race Yourself Grand Finale will at Lowestoft parkrun on Saturday 16 December. I hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Full quarter 3 results can be found here.

Q2 Results

It’s time for the exciting Race Yourself 2023 Q2 results! I’ve crunched the numbers, and they are hotter than a summer sprint. Buckle up, because we’re about to reveal some jaw-dropping improvements that will leave you breathless. To see the full results, click here.

I’ve included the fantastic performances from the Wroxham 5k on 5th July, giving us a taste of the explosive potential for Q3.

In the senior category, taking the lead like a bullet train is Dinah Foster, smashing it with a mind-blowing 14.9% improvement! Gus Riley is not too far behind, zooming in at 12.4% improvement. And in third place, we have Robin Ashe, tearing through the finish line with an impressive 11.5% boost.

Our juniors are tearing it up with their youthful energy and lightning-fast strides. Millie Lams storms the leaderboard in 1st place (and a sensational 4th overall), boasting an 11.4% improvement. Right on her heels, we have Lily Aldous, showcasing her speed demon skills with an astounding 11.1% improvement. And not to be outdone, Emily Lowther charges into third place, with a cool 5.7% improvement.

The top improvers who’ve taken their performance to the next level between Q1 and Q2 are: 1st place: Tracy Reeve, who has unleashed a turbo boost, skyrocketing with an improvement of 13.6%! 2nd is Sabrina Norton, who has tapped into her inner speedster, pushing the limits with an impressive 11% improvement. And rounding out our podium of progress, we have Jack Teuten, with a remarkable 10.9% improvement.

Congratulations to all participants and their performances. The race is far from over, and I can’t wait to see what happens in Q3. The parkrun tourism event will be at Norwich Parkrun on 30th September – more details to follow soon.

Q1 Results

The new format for Race Yourself has increased the number of Black Dogs taking part with 117 5k times forming this first set of results which can be found on the link below. An incredible 45 runners have improved on their baselines but with only one quarter down there’s still plenty to play for…

Leading the pack at this early stage of the year is Robin Ashe with an incredible 13.5% improvement, closely followed by 2021 winner Gus Riley with 12.4% and Dinah Foster with 10%. The standard for the year has clearly been set by these three already – can anybody catch them?

Emily Lowther tops the juniors in an impressive 9th overall with a 5.7% improvement but with lots of the juniors only setting their baseline times this quarter I expect that competition to really heat up over the year.

Remember you can join the competition at any point in the year – you just have to run a 5k or parkrun. The full lowdown on Race Yourself can be found on the Race Yourself home page

If you’re interested here’s how I have compiled the results for Q1, including the setting of everybody’s baseline times.

  • Where there was a 5k or parkrun time on record from Q4 (Oct-Dec 2022) at https://www.thepowerof10.info. I took the fastest time as the baseline.
  • Where there was no Q4 time but more than one Q1 time I took the slowest time as the baseline and the faster time as the Q1 entry.
  • Where there was no Q4 time and only one Q1 time, the Q1 time has set the baseline (this is where the baseline and Q1 times show as the same time).
  • Anybody who submitted times outside of 5k races or parkruns via the form were taken over anything on Power of 10.
  • Runners with no Q1 time have a baseline from Q4 but did not have a result on Power of 10 or anything submitted on the form.

Please email me on captain@blackdogs.run with any anomalies.

Download Results for 2022 Q1

2022 Results


20 of you took part in September’s event with some great performances and improvements. 10 runners nailed their best performance so far – well done to:
  • fudge Farrar (6.86%)
  • Matt Lightfoot (5.71%)
  • Soph Barnard (3.67%)
  • Peter Lowther (3.45%)
  • Fay Sutton (3.36%)
  • Mark Elden (2.41%)
  • Oliver Gilbert (2.16%)
  • Jack Sutton (1.01%)
  • Tony Morley (0.72%)
  • Nick Goodge (0.23%).

This doesn’t change the top 2 overall with Martyn Woodgate (9.5%) and Potty (8.26%) still leading the pack. fudge’s performance does see her slip into third place though.

The next event will be December and we have some (hopefully) exciting plans for the year’s finale so watch this space!
See the results so far below:
Race Yourself results - September 2022

Final Results

Over the course of 2022 (and a little bit of 2023 due to weather) 50 Black Dogs took part in one of our quarterly 5k Race Yourself time trials (including Lowestoft Parkrun on 7th Jan). As a reminder Race Yourself is a club challenge designed to recognise individual improvement over 5k. Anyone can win! More details can be found on the Race Yourself homepage.

25 Black Dogs took part in more than one of the quarterly time trials, as the challenge is about overall improvement the final results show these runners only. 18 managed to improve on their baseline time which is a fantastic achievement when considering injuries, life in general and the weather – our June TT was particularly challenging for opposite reasons to the December one!! For those that didn’t manage an improvement, maximum kudos from me for putting yourself out there to be tested and taking part, which should be equally applauded for the determination and dedication that it shows.

Unsurprisingly the weather didn’t help results for the final time trial and the the top three runners remained unchanged from September so a massive congratulations to our top three challenge finishers:

  • 1st Place – Martyn Woodgate – a massive 9.5% improvement
  • 2nd Place – Potty – 8.26%
  • 3rd Place – fudge Farrar – 6.86%

There will be awards and prizes for the winners to be presented in the near future.

Some other notable mentions in the results…

Soph Barnard was not only the only runner to clock an improvement in December, she also managed an improvement in every time trial.

Showing their dedication and completing all four events along with Soph, were fudge Farrar, Nigel Gilham, Richard Midwinter, Rachel Hirst, Gus Riley and Peter Lowther. I’m crowning them the “Race Yourself All 4 Club 2022″.

I hope those that took part enjoyed the challenge. Race Yourself will be back in 2023, I’m just finalising the format so stay tuned!

– Byron, Club Captain