The smooth running of the club is maintained by a dedicated team behind the scenes. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Meet the club officials

Jackie Bell
Jackie BellSeniors Lead Coach
Christine Muttitt
Christine MuttittJuniors Lead Coach
Byron McGill
Byron McGillClub Captain
Bobbie Sauerzapf
Bobbie SauerzapfCross Country Captain
Chris Chorley
Chris ChorleyCross Country Captain, PayPal Admin
VacancyAccessible Sport Representative
Stephen Read
Stephen ReadChair
Maria Goodby
Maria GoodbyRace Committee Chair
Graham Kemp
Graham KempTreasurer
Clare Webb
Clare WebbSecretary
Robin Farrar
Robin FarrarMain committee member
Victoria Wagg
Victoria WaggWelfare Officer Lead
John Wharton
John WhartonBARC Director
Jonny Read
Jonny ReadWebmaster
Lizzie Fox
Lizzie FoxPayment Scheme Admin
fudge Farrar
fudge FarrarMembership Secretary, Club Kit Coordinator, Payment Scheme Admin
Tony Morley
Tony MorleyClub Communications Lead
Sarah Wilby
Sarah WilbyPublic queries responder
VacancyHealth and Safety Lead
Michaela Gilham
Michaela GilhamWelfare Officer