Race Yourself is focused on 5k improvement measured four times over the year. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Race Yourself or are new to the club, Race Yourself is an event where it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are, whether you’re male or female or whether you’re old or young as the winners are measured on overall improvement over the year rather than their absolute time, so literally ANYONE can win!

Below is a quick summary of the Race Yourself rules for 2022:

  • March will set the baseline time for all participants.
  • Improvement will be measured from the March baseline as a percentage.
  • Those who cannot take part in the official club timed 5k can run a 5k during the same week and submit the time using the button below.
  • Those who want to join later in the competition can set their baseline in a later month (although not December obviously).
  • Prizes (some generously donated by Runr https://www.runr.co.uk/) will be awarded for the top 3 improvers (gender and age doesn’t matter as you are racing against your own time)