The cashless way to attend our training sessions through a direct debit service provided by Go Cardless

About the scheme

The training payment scheme is the simple method for our members to attend and pay for training sessions without the need for cash. (Please note this scheme is not currently available for Junior members)

It works by creating a direct debit mandate through a payment merchant called GoCardless. All money transfers are handled by GoCardless and all BBDRC members are protected by the direct debit guarantee.

A small form on our website must also be completed along with the direct debit mandate.

Once you have successfully joined the scheme we will request the first payment of £20. A payment card will be issued which contains a unique barcode for each individual.

The payment card can then be scanned when you attend training sessions. The cost of the session will be deducted from your account balance.

When your balance reaches £6 or lower a further request via direct debit will be made for the value of £20.

The Scheme is only open to ages 18 and over.

Frequently asked questions

The scheme is only open to adult members. This is aged 18 years or over.

No, it will not cost you anything to be part of the scheme.

GoCardless does charge to use its service which is being subsidised by the club. Current costs is 1% per transaction with a minimum of 20p which is capped at £2.

During the joining process you will have the option of receiving email updates. We will do our best to send out emails containing balance information after training sessions. This does rely on the barcodes being processed directly after training, so there may be occasions when emails are not sent out.

You can always email the administrator of the scheme for a balance update.

Yes you can leave at anytime, your direct debit can be cancelled via your bank or building society.

Yes, the BBDRC treasurer will send any outstanding balances via BACS. This is an electronic system to make payments directly from one bank account to another.

We normally contact you once we receive notification of a cancelled direct debit

Yes, the coaches will have a mobile application for scanning cards

Cards can be re-issued at a cost of £1.

Click “Join payment scheme” below.

Select “Replacement” at the top of the form.

Fill in your details as before.

Fill out the mandate only if your bank details have changed.

Please bring £1 when you collect your card.

Yes, when completing the form for the joining process, make sure you fill in the parkrun barcode section.

You can then use any parkrun card containing your barcode.

Inform the person scanning on arrival.

No, you will need to have a card each, but they can be linked to the same bank account.

Apply for each one on a separate form.

It depends on the bank or building society.

It can take up to 10 days between joining the scheme and getting your card.