Join our next Get Running! course

The courses are open to all adults and do not assume a level of fitness or running experience.

The courses run for 4 weeks and are ideal for complete beginners, those who have tried a bit of running, those who have tried or completed a Couch to 5k, or anyone who wants to build their confidence after having had a break from running.

The gates at BARC

The next course will start in the autumn and run for 4 weeks – see below to get involved!


Train in the safety and privacy of our own training facilities

Qualified coaches

Our relaxed and friendly sessions are coached by England Athletics qualified coaches

You will not only learn about how to run, but also about warming up, drills and cool down stretches. The sessions are fun and have a relaxed atmosphere, so come along and join in.

You will learn how to run, and also about warming up, drills and cool down stretches. The sessions are fun and have a relaxed atmosphere, so come along and join in.

Want to learn?

Have you tried running as a way of getting fit but struggled on your own?


Have you run before but had a break due to family, career, life in general?

A new challenge?

Do you want to complete a personal challenge or start a new hobby?

Personal goals?

Are you trying to improve your mental health, overall fitness, lose weight, or a complete lifestyle change?


Are you new to the area and want to meet new people?

How to find us

Our facilities are commonly known as ‘BARC’ which stands for ‘Bungay Area Running Centre’

Let us know you are interested in attending our next Get Running! course.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and suitable footwear such as a comfortable pair of trainers. We do not expect you to have the latest gear and it most certainly is not needed for this course. If the course takes place in the summer please bring a bottle of water; alternatively, if it takes place in the colder months please wear suitable warm clothing.

We have ample free car parking on site at BARC, our facilities on Pirnhow Street.

There is no charge for this course.

We have both male and female toilet facilities on site. For more information on our facilities, see the Facilities page.

The sessions are designed to be fun and relaxed, and gently introduce you to structured running. We understand that it can seem daunting to just turn up for something new. We often have previous course participants present to help ease your worry and concerns. Please remember that you will meet new people who are probably as apprehensive as yourself.

You can join the club at any time by completing the joining form on our website. It’s not mandatory after completing our course, but we would love to have you onboard.

We know that sometimes life gets in the way and fully understand if you have to skip a session or two. The course is structured so that you can seamlessly integrate into each session. If you cannot attend all sessions, we ask you to let us know by emailing You can also let our coaches know if you are unable to attend the following week.