Bungay Black Dog Running Club has a wealth of coaching talent to help nurture and support your running goals. From total beginner to seasoned racer, we’re happy to guide you in progressing your running training at any level.

Meet the Coaches

Qualified to write training plans, coach athletes and take groups out on runs.

Jackie Bell
Jackie BellEvent Group Coach Endurance
Christine Muttitt
Christine MuttittJuniors Lead Coach
Bobbie Sauerzapf
Bobbie SauerzapfCoach in Running Fitness (CiRF)
John Wharton
John WhartonEvent Group Coach Level 2
Sue Wright
Sue WrightCoach in Running Fitness
VacancyCoach in Running Fitness (CiRF)
fudge Farrar
fudge FarrarCoach in Running Fitness (CiRF)
Maria Goodby
Maria GoodbyAthletics Coach Throws (juniors)
Sarah Sparkes
Sarah SparkesAthletics Coach Endurance (juniors)
Mik Carr
Mik CarrAthletics Coach (juniors)

Meet the LiRFs (Leadership in Running Fitness)

Qualified to lead sessions and take groups out on runs.

Abby Bolderston
Abby BolderstonLiRF
Bob Paul
Bob PaulLiRF
Byron McGill
Byron McGillLiRF, Club Captain
Christine Ashe
Christine AsheLiRF
Clare Webb
Clare WebbLiRF
Damian Ashcroft
Damian AshcroftLiRF
Daniel Gardiner
Daniel GardinerLiRF
Emma Meiring
Emma MeiringLiRF
Hilary Ball
Hilary BallLiRF
Joanne Cox
Joanne CoxLiRF
Jo Andrews
Jo AndrewsLiRF
Jo Lockhart
Jo LockhartLiRF
Lucie Morran
Lucie MorranLiRF
Mae Taylor
Mae TaylorLiRF
Martyn Woodgate
Martyn WoodgateLiRF
Nigel Gilham
Nigel GilhamLiRF
Robin Ashe
Robin AsheLiRF
Sabrina Norton
Sabrina NortonLiRF
Richard Aukland
Richard AuklandLiRF
Tim Hunn
Tim HunnLiRF

Meet the Coaching Assistants

Qualified to assist coaches in leading sessions.

Richard Dye
Richard DyeCoaching Assistant (juniors)
Jessica Sparkes
Jessica SparkesCoaching Assistant (juniors)
Karen Gedge
Karen GedgeCoaching Assistant
Stu Lawn
Stu LawnCoaching Assistant