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Published On: 23/06/2022Categories: Announcements1 min read

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Lotus 5K

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On Friday 17th June 12 intrepid Black Dogs braved the over 30° heat and took to the tarmac of the Lotus test track to represent the club in the team race. We entered a men’s team of Marcus Sladden, Matt Lightfoot, Jack Teuten, Jack Sutton and Oliver Gilbert; a women’s team of Jo Andrews, Soph Barnard and Immy Sutton and a self titled “vets” team of Dan Gardiner, Barry Smith, Dave Neeve and Byron McGill. As the race started the Black Dogs led the pack (a few of us “vets” may have got carried away with pace set by the younger members).

The heat affected many, it was definitely one of the hottest races we have run, as the race progressed but they all dug in and the club achieved some amazing results.

Not only did we win the men’s and women’s races but the “vets” team also clocked up third in the mens race. What was particularly incredible was that we also got the first five finishers overall – the fab five are:

  1. Marcus Sladden 17:47
  2. Matt Lightfoot 18:17
  3. Jack Teuten 18:27
  4. Jack Sutton 18:37
  5. Jo Andrews 18:46

Soph Barnard also managed a PB of 22:17 – incredible given the heat! Other results were:

  • Byron McGill 19:57
  • Oliver Gilbert 20:17
  • Daniel Gardiner 20:51
  • Barry Smith 20:56
  • Dave Neeve 21:28
  • Immy Sutton 22:33

I’m sure you’ll agree that these are an amazing set of results and a testament to both the junior and senior coaching teams. I’m sure all those who took part will agree that despite the furnace like conditions it was great to represent the club as a team and having some spectators in the crowd cheering us on really helped with the motivation to keep going.