As part of the Black Shuck Festival taking place in Bungay between the 2nd and 4th of August, the club has once again been asked to organise the “Black Shuck Run” as part of the festival opening.

On Friday 2nd August we will follow a route from Blythburgh to Bungay, which legend has it, the original black shuck took on 4th of August 1577, 447 years ago.

The full route is 15.4 miles (24.8km) and we will have several LiRF led runs starting at different points and times along the route, with us all converging in Bungay where we will carry an effigy of the Black Shuck into town to kick off festival proceedings in style.  This was a fantastic event last year and I’m sure it will be equally as fun this year.

As there are several logistics involved we are asking members to sign up in advance so we can be clear on numbers, so if you are interested can you please use the form below to indicate the run you would like to take part in.

We would also appreciate volunteers who can drive runners to the various start points.  Please email if you can do this.

Details of the full route can be found here :

The different start points and times are below.  The paces of the runs will ensure we all arrive at the finish at the same time so if you cannot confidently run at the guide pace, please choose the next one down and loop.

2 hours – start at 17:30

15.4 miles, 8min/miles, ///cadet.screening.tweezers

12 miles, 10min/miles, ///national.superhero.supplier

1 hour – start at 18:30

8 miles, 7:30 min/miles, ///sweat.causes.overdrive

7 miles, 8:30min/miles, ///posed.elsewhere.nearing

6.2 miles, 9:30min/miles, ///fuzz.swimmer.soda

5.7 miles, 10:30 min/miles, ///presuming.blasted.bridge

5.2 miles, 11:30 min/miles, ///internal.approvals.sliding

40 mins – start at 18:50 

3.1 miles, 13:00 min/miles,    ///grove.realm.fortified